Arizona Sprinkler System Installation / Drip Systems Installation

We install brand new sprinkler or drip systems in your front or backyard so that you don't have to go out and water your grass, trees or plants yourself. This is a tremendous benefit because it eliminates this daily task. We offer manual sprinkler or drip systems in which you can turn on your system on your own each day with the flip of a switch, or you can upgrade to an automatic sprinkler or drip system which has an automatic timer installed as part of the system. The automatic timer when programmed, will control how many stations your system will provide water for, what time of day the watering will begin and end. Having an automatic sprinkler or drip system is wonderful because if you forget, it doesn't. Give us a call today for questions on your sprinkler or drip system installation at 602-497-1771.

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Phoenix Sprinkler/Drip Systems

New Sprinkler Installation

MGM Landscape, Inc. generally provides a complete watering or drip system with most of our Arizona landscaping packages. We offer both manual and automatic sprinkler / drip systems to our customers based on their needs or what the particular Arizona landscape package offers. We also provide sprinkler system or drip system installation as an add on to any landscape package for much less than our competitors. In fact, you can have a brand new sprinkler system installed for as little as $699! We